Sakhuwa Water Supply Project

Name of  Project:                                                                                                           

Sakhuwa-Mahendranagar Town Water Supply and Sanitation Project

Project Location:

Sakhuwa-Mahendranagar Town, Dhanusha District, Janakpur Zone, Central Development Region, Nepal. 

Name of Employer:            

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Urban Development Department of Water Supply and Sewerage,Third Small Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project Project Management Office, Panipokhari , Kathmandu.  

Funding Agency:                

Asian Development Bank (ADB), Government of Nepal, Town Development Fund (TDF), Water Users Committee, Sakhuwa, Dhanusha (WUC).

Scope of Works:                                     

(i)Ground Reservoir

(ii)Development of deep Boring

(iii)Transmission main and Distribution pipe lines

(iv)Electrical works

(v)Treatment plants and other associated works              

Project Amount:

NRs. 124,013,705.56

Completion Date for the whole of the Works:        

Stage 1: 18 Months

Stage 2: 12 months after the successful testing and commissioning of the system of stage 1.