Our Approach

With the extensive experience on construction industry for more than 22 years, Raman Construction has developed core competencies to provide our clients with an efficient, fair, and reliable service that is of great value for money.
Project Management
With the depth of our experience along with the proven track record of successful completion of projects, it can be confirmed about the effectiveness of our management systems and procedures. The system we've in place provide for plenty of supervision leaving little room for errors to occur. Emphasis is extreme on communication and information management system.
Each project is managed by Quality Surveying (QS) Team, which provide planning, variations in costing, contract queries discussion, and payment along with the regular site visit to ensure that jobs run smoothly and the project is on track.
All the offices and staffs have the access to the fast internet so that almost all the job instruction and job queries are dealt via email to ensure the issues are dealt with as soon as possible. All related instructions and queries made are available to all the parties (site, office, consultant and client) to assist in addressing the matters/challenges at hand promptly.
Online accounting facilities with dedicated office staffs provide the necessary information required to run the business, monitor all purchases, wages, overheads, and accounting work for the effectiveness of the work.
Communication and information management is important in our business. With construction services and products becoming more technologically advanced, we see it as being of prime importance to be up to date with all technologies impacting our business. We have implemented a system which allows for Site Managers working on sites to be linked to our central server, making the flow of information faster and more efficient. Queries can be answered much faster, with scanned copies of original documents on hand via this network as needed.
Health & Safety Plan and Policy
Raman Construction has a thorough, regularly reviewed Health & Safety policy that is seen as a live document. We believe saftey is paramount. Regular site safety meetings are conducted on sites which are checked by the safety supervisor. We have assisted Department of Labor and a group of companies to establish models and benchmarks for the development of suitable Health and Safety policies.
Quality Management Systems
Raman Construction operates a Quality Management System (QMS) in order to effectively control all aspects of the construction process, with checks in place and signed off at all pivotal stages of construction. We are making a substantial progress in getting an ISO 9001:2008 certification by the end of 2013. We operate our departments under various management system with a custom built software that includes:
     Project Management System (Raman.PMS)
     Financial Management System (Raman.FMS)
     Fleet & Plants Management System (Raman.FPMS)
     Tender Management System (Raman.TMS)
     Human Resource Management System (Raman.HRMS)
     Vendor Management System (Raman.VMS)
Financial Control 
The primary objective of cost control is to:
     Keep the relevant parties informed at all stages of the cost to date and forecast the projected expenditure. 
     Identify any contingencies to the contract at early stages and to advise on any time/cost implications promptly.
Our approach to projects has always been to operate as an integral member of the team. Within our company, clients are provided with the following benefits:
      Quality proven supply chain
      Financial stability
      Selected staff with proven track records
      Experience of the various procurement options
      Value engineering
      Innovative approach
      Non adversarial approach