Prime Contract

Raman is a general contractor specializing in commercial construction and renovation for more than two decades. We have built a solid business with a strong reputation for dependability and a keen desire to be the market leader in construction industry through the use of advanced technologies. This is how we've built the capacity to be a Prime Contractor in several fields of construction like Highways and Roads, Bridges, River Training works, Irrigation, Water Supply, Sewer and Drainage Management Systems, Hydropower, etc.
As a prime contractor, we completely bear the responsibility for the delivery of the contracted requirements on time, within budget defined over the lifetime of the project and fit for the purpose for which it was intended. Satisfaction of our clients, meeting their expectations, and needs is on top of our list.
Raman believes that clients' trust is a value we need to care for everyday. This is how Raman Construction is continuously advancing the benchmark for construction excellence. With our know-how in construction, design and our good financial capability we can provide our clients with high quality service at a competitive price.