Nepal is blessed with perennial nature rivers with enormous amount of water, sources of which comes from the mighty Himalayan Range. Furthermore, the steep gradient of the country's topography provide ideal conditions for the development of some of the world's largest hydroelectric projects in Nepal. Current estimates shows that Nepal has the hydropower potential of 83000 MW among which 40000 MW is economically feasible. However, Nepal has an electric power of total installed capacity 609 MW only. With this scenario and having immense potential of hydropower development, it is important for Nepal to increase its energy dependency on electricity with hydropower development.                                                                                           

For big projects like Hydropower, we have an extensive manpower and the possession of such resources which makes us capable in the challenging tasks like:

1) Building access roads
2) Water Diversion
3) Construction of various complex structures
4) Earth work excavation in large quantities 
5) Concrete lining 
6) Transportation of building materials
7) Retaining structures
8) Hydro-Mechanical installations

 We are continuously striving to strength our core competence in hydropower. We have built an extensive network of sub-conctactors and suppliers to strengenth our capabilities to support any large scale hydropower project with various types of civil work.


1) Earth Work Excavation                : 10,00,000 M3
2) Concrete Works                           : 60,000 M3
3)  Stone Masonry Works                : 30,000 M3
4)  Form Work                                  : 60,000 M2
6)  Asphalt Concrete                        : 20,000 M3
7)  Crused Aggregate Production    : 80,000 M3