Design & Build Construction

At Raman, Design & Build is our specialty. We have more than two decades of experience as a design and build contractor.

Design & Build Construction is a method of building in which both the design and construction are contracted and controlled from one
source – the Design & Builder Team. This method allows project organization since there's one single point of accountability allowing the client to have more say in the project.

Our Team of Design & Build Professionals

Our team of architects, engineers and construction professionals are some of the most respected in the business. They pride themselves on their ingenuity in solving problems and creating environments that motivate and inspire. This is the way we can serve our clients the best.

Why we typically recommend Design & Build Construction?

While we're well versed in other methods of construction delivery, we are strong supporters of the Design & Build Construction methodology. It's easier to manage a project and money because the project is more structured. In fact, the method is proving to be one of the most effective ways in the entire industry to build.

Here are a three more reasons why we typically recommend Design-Build construction.

1. Design & Build Construction saves time

By putting both the designers and the builders under one roof, obstacles that often delay a project are completely avoided. And while the Design & Build Team can't control certain conditions like rain and snow, eliminating all other opportunities for delay is crucial to a timely delivery.

2. Design & Build Construction saves money

Many costs are avoided when both your designer and builder work under one roof, as markup and external costs are completely avoided. 

 3. With Design & Build Construction, the client has more say

 This final benefit is pretty simple - there are fewer voices to talk over so our clients' issues are always heard. After all, it's their project. Anything less than exactly what they want is unacceptable. Design & Build Construction allows the client to select systems that best suit their needs and meet their project budget.


The major benefits of Design and Building with Raman are:

·         Sense of full responsibility for the grand design and construction

·         Fast schedule delivery

·         Early identification of guaranteed cost