KUKL Water Supply Project

Location:   Kathmandu Valley

Funded BY:  ADB Loan No. 2776-NEP

Raman Construction is enthusiastically   kick to start the Kathmandu Valley Water Supply Improvement Project. The existing water supply system in Kathmandu Valley broadly consists of seven sub-systems. Each subsystem is fed by a number of surface- and ground water sources. Yields of these sources are seasonal with a maximum during the wet season (July-October) and a minimum during the dry season (February - June). A part from these surface sources, groundwater is extracted from deep tube wells, and is fed into the piped water system. Yields from these wells have been decreasing as a result of the gradual lowering of the ground water level. The current piped water supply demand in Kathmandu Valley, including unaccounted-for water, is estimated to be over 320 million liters per day (MLD). However, the combined production capacity of the groundwater and surface water sources in the dry season is reported to be about 100 MLD and even in the wet season, the production capacity is reported only to reach 150 MLD.

 GoN has been executing infrastructure development works under Loan 1820-NEP with the assistance of ADB

And other partners, and will be extending infrastructure improvements (including this Contract) further under Loan 2776-NEP.