Bheri Babai Diversion Multipurpose Project

Contract Identification No: ICB/CIVIL/02/HWSSPH/BBDMP/2075/076
Client : Government of Nepal, Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation , Bheri Babai Diversion Multipurpose Project Birendranagar, Surkhet.

Agreement Date 29 July 2019

Duration 48 Months

Contract Amount NPR 6,165,215,775.89

The project is a run‐of‐river type project with an inter‐basin water transfer scheme which will provide 40 m3/s of irrigation water year‐round by routing the Bheri River water into the Babai River. The augmented flows will be used by Babai Irrigation Scheme located about 45 km downstream from the proposed powerhouse site of the project to irrigate about 51,000 hectares of the command area. Since there is a head difference of about 147.18 m between the Bheri off‐take and Babai River at its terminal point, about 46.81 MW of power output can be harnessed by utilizing this head difference by constructing a hydropowerstation. The headworks area islocated in Chotte village on the right bank and Gothiyari village on the left bank of the river. A diversion barrage has been designed to construct across the Bheri River. Six numbers of intake orifice on the left bank feed surface settling basin of three bays and conveys the water to Babai River at Hattikhal area of Chinnchu village by about 12,174 m long headrace tunnel and 808 m long penstock pipe including both steel lined and surface portions. A surface powerhouse has been proposed on the right bank of Babai River just 600 m upstream of the bridge situated at Ratna highway. BBDMP is located in the Gothiyari, Chhote and Chinnchu villages of Bheri Ganga Municipality in Surkhet District, Mid-Western Region Karnali province of Nepal. Geographically, the project lies at 81°42' 30” E to 81°47' 30”E and 28°21' 00” N to 28°27' 30” N.The proposed headworks site lies at an elevation of 441.00 m at Gothiyari and Chhote villages of Bheri Ganga Municipality. Likewise, the powerhouse is located at an elevation of 300 m in Hattikhal village of of Bheri Ganga Municipality.